mobile work desk for small office

Need a mobile working desk for your home and office room? This work desk design by abstracta is perfect to use along with laptop. This desk has 2 small and strong wheels supporting in its side, while the other side is strengthen with single small legs column like. This legs design is making the desk easy to move with only lifting one of its sides. You can move it by yourself without any sweats.

mobi ergonomic mobile work desk

The wheeled side of this mobile working desk is designed in curved side, so it will suitable if some of them are placing next to another. Suppose if you want to create a bigger working space for some people, you can arrange them nicely with placing the desks side facing each other. This is because the desk actually can have two sides that perfectly similar. This mobile working desk is called Mobi, check it out at abstracta website.

comfortable mobile work desk

mobi mobile work desk for home and office