Office that needs redecoration to get a natural and minimalist looks may use this furniture set from Team 7. The furniture and specially the desks are great for home offices when natural warmth of solid hardwood and contemporary design are make you to do your work better. Ergonomic and comfort are the key for office interior decoration.


Team 7 produce a lot of different wooden furniture and is of market leaders nowadays. The products are includes Cubus desk, Atelier desk and Cubus writing desk which all could be done in 8 kinds of wood. It can be adjusted from 68 to 81 cm for an ergonomically working position. The company also provides other wooden furniture products.


Minimalist Wooden Furniture for Home Office

Cubus writing desk is small chest of drawers which could be putted anywhere in the home. It also comes in 8 kinds of wood but also could be decorated with colored glass doors. With these furniture features, make them possible to use not only for office furniture, but also for home office too. So you can make you personal working space in your house.