wooden laptop stand design

If you use laptop for your work every time, you may need a suitable laptop stand which is making your working activity much more comfortable. Most of laptop stand is designed to be placed in a table. And most of them are built with fan as additional cooler for the laptop itself. Here is a laptop stand which is made of wood. This wooden material makes a natural side for your modern laptop.

wooden laptop stand design 2

This is a design from Moscow-based Dopludo Collective. The laptop stand is suitable to be place at your working table, but it also convenient as well as it can be brought anywhere as a portable working space. This wooden laptop stand is having small support at bottom of it; make sure your laptop will not fall down as you place it on the stand.

wooden laptop stand design 3

There are no additional wedge on left and right side, so be careful not to tilt it too much. It has hollow area to put mouse and keyboard. So if you like natural material which will looks fancy, this laptop stand design is a nice choice for you. You can get more picture of this one and also the purchasing info at here. Reference: designdontpanic