This geometric cube is transformable in to table and chairs; a clever solution for everyone who need space saving furniture. The table and two chairs is looks like a prototype part of some kind, and they can be fitted in to one finished product, a table in geometric shape.

Modern Design of Transformable Table and Chair

This geometric table is called as A-Cute, designed by London design firm AndViceVersa. Furniture design as this one is looks like a futuristic sculptural art. The table is good for any purposes. Good as modern working desk, reading table, and also for enjoying coffee in relaxing time. There are also available the version with more chairs.

Transformable table and chairs futuristic design

Transformable furniture as A-Cute is perfect to use in any modern/futuristic style interior. Not only best for personal use in home, but also suitable for coffee shop or any other place which require the use of multiple chairs with one table.

Transformable furniture in futuristic design

Visit AndViceVersa for further detailed info about A-Cute.

compact geometric table design

A-Cute transformable furniture

A-Cute Chair Parts of Transformable furniture
* Images courtesy AndViceVersa