In this post I am writing about table design. A table that’s specially fit for someone who has lots of stuff for their work. We can put a laptop and many small gadgets in single place. The table even fit for one more additional monitor if you prefer to use dual screens for your daily work activities.

Wooden Furniture for Office

The table is made of Ash wood material with natural furnishing, designed by Tomas Kral. This office and home furniture is called as “Homework”, manufactured by super-ette.

Horizontally Balanced Table Top

The interesting part of this table is, it has an aluminum extension to the back of it. Yes the table is facing in one direction, so it has the back part; this is because of the concave extension part. The folded area is usable to hang any other stuff, and it also has its own functionality; that is to contain whenever one of your stuffs are falling.

Useful Concave Aluminum Extension

With a working desk as this one, you may able to increase your productivity as the table is able to be use to place all your working gear in one place. All of them are in reach whenever you need them.
If you are interested with this table, you can visit super-ette for further info.

Cable Holder in the Wooden Table Leg

Wooden Desk Furniture
© Images courtesy: Tomas Kral (designer), and Felipe Ribon (photography)