multipart natural cloud coffee table

If you need something that unique for your living room or for redesigning your family room, this kind of natural shape coffee table is a good option. I once go to my friend house, and he has a rectangular coffee table in his living room. He can enjoy a drink and snack while working with his laptop in that table. It just an example that coffee table can be use as working table too, as long you can enjoy it conveniently. It makes me want to have one in my own house.

natural shape coffee table

Anyway, continue with this natural looks coffee table, this table can be purchased at Fashion4Home. The table is actually consisting from multipart (there are 3 of them). Each of those table parts is made in clouds shape. Those cloud tables can be arranged to make a beautiful and large coffee table. It is very stylish! The table is available in two different colors; they are white and natural one. In size of 61″ x 35.4″ x 13.8″.

part of cloud coffee table

natural shape coffee table surface

cloud coffee table top view

single natural shape coffee table

white cloud coffee table

white cloud coffee table 2

white cloud coffee table 3