minimalist design computer table

The cable management of this table is designed in compact yet stylish. The cable is located in back of the table. This will handy if you have kids in your home, to protect your children from the danger of electricity. Because of that, the table is also become a nice solution to create minimalist computer table for your home office.

minimalist design laptop table

While it is not only for storing your computer or laptop, this table is also suitable to make a working table as well. Durable and strong is featured beside the simple shape of it. This table design is called as Zeta, series of different modern tables by French company Studio Manzano. The minimalist table is designed by Jerome Groove and Johann Aumaitre and consists of a desk, console table and a night table. You can either place the computer table against the walls, or stand out to create creative working angle.

minimalist design working table

stylish black minimalist computer table

minimalist table with cable management

minimalist table with cable management 2

ergonomic minimalist computer table