This furniture is made of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). The table available in two models, they are: the one with transparent bases in PMMA 4-cm thick, and the lighter one which has transparent bases that are hollow. Table as this one is perfect to use in home and office, especially to make the room has futuristic looks. This modern desk and chair is one of Progettospore design.

Futuristic Working Desk and Chair Design

This working desk and chair doesn’t have four bases, they are only using two legs base which support them. The table can stand with only 2 of the bases, because they are structured wide and strong. The chair is also in two “L” shaped legs. Those are making the furniture is futuristic in unique and stylish design.

Futuristic Office Table from Progettospore

Stylish Design of Progettospore Futuristic Working Desk

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All images courtesy Progettospore