curvy coffee table design

This coffee table is called as Scandi Table, offering the smooth experience for your minimalist room design. The table is made of natural materials such as a combination of wood and veneer. Curve shapes are all around the table side. Although this curve is reduce the table top space, but it is okay. Because of the table is more like additional desk, so it should be only a few things to put on it at the same time. The table is specially designed to give the user a dramatic natural looks with its nice design.

minimalist and natural coffee table

By placing this table in center of room combined with chairs in similar design could bring our living room into a whole new looks. This wooden table with natural furnishing will be suitable too for your working desk. With this coffee table you can also get a beautiful decoration for your room as well. Zbigniew Strzebonski from Modest Work is the designer of this table. You can visit modestwork for further info about this table.