By using a single board of rough lumber, this table is hard to make. It is require a skillful person to do it. This table is handmade, carved into sculptural furniture. Geometrically angle creates a dynamic wave form of the table. Those parts are also being use as the table legs for the lower side, and also become the base of the table top.

Beautiful Table with Alternate Top

The table top is using a thick glass, a transparent surface which allows us to see the wooden grain. Those grain parts are very pleasant to look at; they are become a nice view while we sit next to the table. The table size is medium, but if you prefer or want other size, the Wave Series table can be ordered to make in any size as you want it.

Coffee Table with Thick Glass

So, where do we order this awesome furniture? The table is designed by Toronto base Merganzer Furniture. You can browse to the website to order the table.

Transparent Table Top

The most interesting from Wave Series table collection is the shape of the table itself. The table is different with each other. Although they are in the same style, a wave form, the shape of the table is comes in so many variant. You can see for yourself in these attachment pictures.

Tall and Attractive Furniture