There are so many ideas of space saving furniture. This is one of them; a wall mounted shelf which has a hidden compartment. This shelf is called as Clopen Sheft, designed by Torafu Architects. The drawer compartment is in size similar with the wrapping shelf. It is a minimalist design with only 23mm tall, perfect to install in any room to get a nice place to store some small stuffs.

The shelf is has furnished nicely with clad in sliced veneer to make the wood grain clearly visible, and make it as if the piece is fabricated from natural wood. Aluminum parts strengthen the drawer and make it durable.

Minimalist Wall Shelf with Private Drawer

To get the inside drawer opens, there are wooden looking handles which made of magnets to pull out the hidden compartment. No one will notice that there is a hidden drawer in there. Those hidden part is best to place your precious jewelry, important letters and many small things.

Small Shelf Design with Hidden Drawer

Aluminum Shelf with Retractable Compartment

Wooden Handle Design to Open the Shelf

Minimalist Wall Shelf Installation

Best Wall Shelf with Retractable Drawer

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© Images courtesy Yosuke Owashi and Torafu Architects