Having your stuffs laying around and messy in your room can give you unpleasant feeling, and for some peoples this can reduce their work efficiency. By reorganizing them in a single place, we can quickly find the stuff when we need it. Here is a nice solution for organizing our stuff in a trendy shelf.

amazing trapezoid shape stackable shelf system

Designed by Karoline Fesser, the shelf is made of several trapezoid layer which stack-able with each of them. We can stack them as many as we need in a simple way, there are no additional fixture needed for stacking. The design is amazing within its simple surface and subtle color (white and grey), suitable for indoor room.

small stackable shelf system

stackable shelf system for indoor room

modular stackable shelf system placement

By using trapezoid shelf system as this one, we can store different things in each of the shelf layers. The shelves made of 1.5 mm steel, and powder coated. A small (in size of 660 mm x 280 mm x 400 mm) but multifunctional shelf which easily can be rearrange it’s placement in the room. That’s very interesting. If you interested with this amazing shelf, you can browse to pulpoproducts for more detail info and its price.