touch sensor faucet led light

This bathroom faucet is different with another in its type. While it is designed in modern shape and also built in with LED light, something as the other faucet, this one equipped with touch sensor technology. Minimum-contact sensor technology has so far mainly been used in faucets in the public or semi-public sector and therefore has to be very robust and vandal-proof as well as easy to clean, maintain and operate.

modern bathroom faucet with led light

This minimum-contact sensor reacts to a quick touch of the sprout and displays the water temperature using color coding. Thanks to it, the faucet has become most innovative for your bathroom or kitchen furniture complement. User can tap once to get cold (blue), twice for warm (orange), or three times for hot (red) water. After 10 seconds, the water turns off automatically. Just tap the spout again one more time, to stop the water.

modern bathroom faucet with stylish design

This faucet is called as USO, new semi-automatic faucet, designed by KWC. The faucet also has a cleaning mode. KWC USO modern faucet is made entirely of stainless steel, making it stylish and strong at the same time. In an environment where other faucets are chrome-finished, the polished stainless steel version of the KWC USO is an ideal match.

modern bathroom faucet automatic led light

modern bathroom faucet cleaning mode

modern bathroom faucet with blue led light