Having water flowing in a glass to make decorative waterfalls is such calming and relaxing. With a freestanding wall unit, this is a product from Bellaqua Harmonic Environment. Using features that can be used to divide space in a room, adding beauty and privacy to a corner. Fully customizable, you can finish the interior waterfalls with any material.

Also, you can select specialized lighting and graphics, such a logo or picture. This is a nice decoration for your home interior. Why not try this one now. These pictures below are example of remarkably simple, streamlined approach to enhancing any space with the magic of falling water. Bellaqua feature with virtually any finish from your existing materials library, creating a unique piece that harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings. Every Bellaqua waterfall is furnished complete, housing and concealing all of the lighting, mechanical and ZonePure water purification components with no need for additional finishing work.

Bellaqua Decorative Indoor Waterfalls Pictures