If you need a relaxing environment, you can make one of it in your own home with this indoor waterfall. This is Aspen Falls, one the product from Kinetic Fountain. Can be mounted in walls or some place that you have prepared it before. The water pours into a beautiful copper basin at the base of the fountain, where a quiet adjustable-flow water pumps sends it back to the top to maintain a continuous flow.


This fountain is 18-3/4″ wide x 6-1/2″ deep x 48″ high and comes with a clear powder coated finish that ensures durability. Small and compact for your garden, or maybe in your backyard. This will make a nice home decoration. Not only for the visual effect that is enhanced further as small, bright lights illuminate the textured backsplash, but also more to creating a shimmering sensation as the water runs over the stone.