contemporary outdoor furniture in modern collections

This is Mirthe, outdoor furniture set that includes minimalist table, bench, and chairs. They are designed in bright colors, white and purple, and all of them are nice for modern collections. You can use this furniture for your patio and garden to make them get contemporary looks. This outdoor furniture is designed by Fabiaan Van Severen, and chair designed by Wim Segers. Tribu is the place to get the furniture.

contemporary outdoor furniture modern garden

The table, chairs, and bench are structured with recyclable 6 mm thick aluminum, powder coated for best-possible resistance to corrosion. The materials are durable and come in white and aluminum colors with colorful cushions, fit for modern touch of the frames and chair legs. Durability is key fro the furniture, because they have to sustain with weather and sunlight.

contemporary outdoor furniture modern patio

contemporary chair outdoor furniture modern collections

contemporary bench outdoor furniture modern collections