Nicely decorated outdoor patio and terrace will never get cozy if you don’t get enough protection from direct sun light. That is the function of Paraflex umbrella. This umbrella is a wall mounted and perfect solution that offers you an unprecedented flexibility in the field of shade creation. This umbrella unit can be easily installed in your patio.

This outdoor decoration is unique and patented system removes the need for a heavy base and a central pole. With one attachment to the wall of a side pole of your house, this umbrella will nicely fit for your home outdoor design.


There are some colors of this umbrella that you can use or combine as your outdoor decoration. Depending on how much shade you do you need you can mount several umbrellas on any wall near you favorite outdoor place. The Paraflex umbrella structure is made of aluminum and stainless steel parts. All plastic parts are made special with UV-resistant for longevity.