illuminated lighting at modern home interior 1

This modern home design is very stylish with the black and white color combination. There are some illuminated lighting that create a unique ambience to the room interior. Those lamps are available from the ceiling corner and also from walls. As we can see in the picture above, the living room that design in minimalist got a blue nuance that comes from the lighting. The white minimalist shape sofa in room corner is facing the corner room, that a TV is available in there, making a comfortable living space.

illuminated lighting at modern home interior 2

This is an apartment of 110 square meters that is designed by Bulgarian designer Jovo Bozhinovski. There are two levels in the apartment. The below one used as living room, a kitchen with a dining table. The upper floor features two bedrooms and a bathroom. A tall black fiberglass wall panel staircase connect both rooms. And there is centrally located vertical unit that functioning not only rail but also for lighting on the stairs.

illuminated lighting at modern home interior 3

Black and white color is implemented perfectly in other room interior. The decor, furniture, and also in the walls and dark glass door are well balanced in those color too. Lighting that available in the rooms are also using some spot lights to give additional attention to the room space. Truly, this is a modern home which very cozy for living.

illuminated lighting at modern home interior 4