Having a comfortable sofa is maybe not enough for some people. With cool LED as mood lighting such this sofa, it will be great to have in your living room. Not only the light will provide additional light but more of it, the LED will also give romantic ambience. There are 7 fixed color choice that can be handled with remote control, isn’t that cool. You can get cozy seating while enjoying the illuminated color that will influence your living room.


Spending some time at night in this sofa is very calming experience. If you want to get this one for your outdoor, there is also more durable version of this sofa for outdoor. You can check them out at Colico. Here are some pictures of this sofa, that show us more lighting choice that illuminated from many pattern choices.


cozy sofa with flower mood led lighting


cozy sofa with side flower mood led lighting


elegant cozy sofa with mood led lighting