While some folks are trying to find a wider shelf in order to make it possible to add table lamp in there, others also prefer to add additional wall lamp just to preserve some space in the room. Those wishes can be fulfilled from this lamp design. The lamp is named as Illusion Lamp, designed by Northern Lighting.

Creative Wall Lamp Ideas of Illusion Lamp

Illusion Lamp combining a wall mounted shelf with a label lamp. The lamp is integrated with the shelf, it is look like we have a half lamp which attached in to the walls. These lighting innovations are defining innovative design ideas in to a new level as we never seen creative lamp as this one.

Innovative Shinny White Wall Lamp

The lamps are come with two colors, a shinny white and a matte black finish. Both of them are in the same shape. Due the shelves are small, we can put large stuffs in there, these are only for small ones. The shelves are best to set next to bookshelves as additional storage space, or we can also use it as end table replacement, which is best for hallway or next to door area.

Unusual Lighting Ideas with Illusion Lamp

If you like this lamp and want it to improve your home lighting, you can visit Northern Lighting for further info about Illusion Lamp. You can also continue browsing on other posts to read more creative lamp ideas.
© Images courtesy Northern Lighting