Bongo Design is always creating unique interior objects. Here is one of their products, a unique table lamp in minimalistic design, The 3600 Lamp. There are two versions of this lamp, the tall version and the short one. A lighting design that is perfect for contemporary room, suitable for student and professional office.

Unique Lighting Design with Yellow Cable Textile

If you ever went to town (and I am sure you have, unless you spend your entire live in a cave) to buy some stuffs, a lamp for example, you always get the shop/vendor only sells product from same brands. The thing is you can only choose items in limited model, which I presume they are only the most sold items. If we need an item which is unique, the solutions are made it by our self, or order it specifically from the designer, or browse on the internet hopefully someone has created it. I hope there are more company who creates unique stuffs, as not every people satisfies with general designed items.

Short Table Lamp for Contemporary Room

3600 Lamp’s stand is made of 8 mm diameter in high quality powder coated steel, shaped in skewed ”L” alphabet. The head is made of natural furnished Pine wood, crafted in the shape of modern lamp (as commonly use in photography studio lighting). The lamp head can be rotated in to 3600 degree rotation, makes it easier to beam the light in to comfortable area. There are two options of the cable color, we can choose between red and yellow cable textile color.

360 Degree Rotated Lamp

So, if you have trying to find unique table lamps, and they aren’t sold in the shop near your house, you can browse to Bongo Design for more info about 3600 Lamp.
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