This lamp is structured with maple and walnut wood. The wood is being crafted with a small cavity as the cable position. The lamp is entirely handmade, and created from daily things that can be found easily. The most attractive part about this lamp is the terrarium lampshade. Yes, the lamp is not only using glass to wrap and protect the bulb, but it is actually using a terrarium, complete with its plant and soil.

Maple and Walnut Structured Lamp

Eco Friendly Lamp from Pro Handmade

Best and Unique Terrarium Lamp Design

The result is an eco friendly lamp. The lamps designed as a floor lamp, but of course the ideas can be expanded into a table lamp too. This lamp is perfect to be use in any natural and contemporary interior room. If you like this natural lamp design, you can visit Pro Handmade for further info and more of the lamp pictures.
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