Lighting is one of important thing for a room; you can get it from natural light such sun and also from artificial one such lamp. Here is one of the best table lamp designed in futuristic style. If you have a room design such as futuristic conference room or futuristic kitchen, this sci-fi table lamp is match for them. This is table lamps that show a great exhibition of table lamps at the Triennale Design Museum. A masterpiece of lamp design with unique shape just looks like in space ship movie, with lot of color choice too.


Called as Space Age Lights, perfect sci-fiction furniture for home interior. Some of these lamps are parts of mass produced international collections while others are unique design pieces by well known designers such as Joe Colombo, Vico Magistretti, Gino Sarfatti and Giotto Wick.


Here are some pictures of this lamp.

Futuristic Table Lamp Pictures