The design of this lamp is so funky. It has lot of colors choice, and all of them are cheerful. The color is not the only one attraction of this lamp, because the lamp shape is way more interesting. The lamp is shaped in a ball of glass. It looks like Chinese lampoon lamp, but it is made of glass.

colorful glass lighting bulb ideas

So, what is it? It is Meltdown lamp, creatively designed by Swedish designer Johan Lindsten, and presented by Italian company Cappellini. The lamp is just as its name, it is a hand made by melting down a light bulb. If you never seen a glass melting work, you can browse it in Youtube. I seen it on Discovery Channel, glass work is always impressing. They are requiring a precise and skilled person to do that.

unusual light bulb lamp design

The colors that appear in the glass globe lamp is infused with gray, pink, tobacco, blue, and amber. The transparent one is also nice to be use; they are just looks like ordinary light bulb. You can chose the color of your liking, or combine them in a single area to make the room brighter and funky. Any contemporary designed interior should be nice with these lamp ideas.
Visit Cappellini for further info about Meltdown Lamp.

meltdown lamp unique hanging lighting bulb
© Images courtesy Cappellini