The irregular positions of water tube and plumbing system in an industrial factory are brought in to home as an attractive lighting system. These lamps are called as Atomic Lighting Tubes, designed by Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs from studio Emandes. With this lighting system, we can made lot of variations of the lamp. Not just the shape, as we can create different layouts with the glowing tubes, but also the color can be customized. The light that come from the lamp will affecting the wall, ceiling or any other object near it; and the results are a wonderful techno colored room.

Ceiling Lamp in Fancy Yellow Light

The light emitted from the lamps are slightly reduced, creates a smoother ambient in to the room. If you like an industrial theme for your room interior, you may consider to customize your lamp with this design. The lamps are designed as a minimalist lighting, they will suitable for contemporary interior too.

Minimalist Blue Color Lamp for Industrial Interior

There are an infinite number combinations can be created and the most interesting is the power cables are not visible. We can install Atomic Lighting Tubes in the ceiling, or wall-mounted it in to any other places that creates dramatic effects.

Innovative White Flourescent Tube Lamp

Wonderful Techno Color Lamp for Any Room

If you like these lamps design, you can visit Emandes for more detailed info about Atomic Lighting Tubes. You can also browse for more lighting ideas which have been reviewed.
© Images courtesy Emandes