sliding kitchen counter top

Making your kitchen in tidy and nice condition while minimalizing your energy to make it happen is such difficult task. You may tire from cooking the food for your family dinner, so there is only small energy left to clean your kitchen. Here is one of nice example of modern kitchen design, which is using sliding kitchen counter. The counter has sliding top that became your place to prepare the food. While the counter top is opened, it is became your small table, or bar like to serve as personal dining table.

sliding kitchen counter design

It is a nice counter, as we can see white matte lacquered doors on the side; and hand crafted acacia wood as the counter top. If you like minimalist style for your home, especially for your kitchen, this sliding counter will be a beautiful choice. There will be no more additional counter and small table required, so it will be quicker to clean up your kitchen after serving dinner for your family. If you interested with this counter, you can visit Minimal for further info.

simple modern kitchen design

kitchen counter compartment door

sliding kitchen for esay care