beautiful big modern sofa fabric

If you have large room space and need a seating design which fit for up to peoples, this sofa is nice choice for you. Beautiful sofa that is made of richly finished Canaletto walnut. Sofa in modern design that is highly appealing. By using chrome plated feet that adding some more durability and strength, this cozy and comfy piece of furniture is also give a great looks for your living room. You can also nap comfortably in this if you want to; it is big enough for you whole body length.

wide modern sofa in canaletto walnut

The sofa comes upholstered in the choice of luxurious leather or fabric, and also available in the padded version, for a more classic solution, with the cushions of the seats and armrests contained and supported by the frame. Visit Vibieffe for more detail info about this Canaletto walnut modern sofa.

wide walnut modern sofa in luxurious leather

large modern sofa canaletto walnut