animal sculptural furniture

This chair is sculpted with octopus shape in its back. Its looks like a throne of underwater king, somehow it remind me of the character from Pirate of Caribbean movie (I forgot his name). This chair will look elegant for your home, although it looks rather creepy to sit on it. Anyway, the sculptural chair such this one will be an eye-catching element in the room, people will easily get their attention on this one.

octupus elegant chair back

The chair is sculpted in very smooth, the back of it which mimic octopus is really awesome. Spanish designer Maximo Riera is the one who behind this artistic furniture. The nature element and the beauty of animal is implemented in a such perfectly balance to home interior. If you interested with this furniture, you can visit the website at

octupus sculptural chair

octupus sculptural furniture

If you want different dark style interior that also elegant for your home, there are also available a design of Devil Chair in the previous post.