modern chair design comfortable armchair

Here is one of the comfortable chair design which has unique looks, furniture that will give your living room a modern interior style. The chair was presented at Milan Furniture Fair. The chair designer is Doshi Levien. Furniture such this one is not only comfortable for watching television at home, but you may like it also as relaxing chair while viewing the garden at outdoor through a glass window at your house.

chair design with high backrest

The furniture is having high backrest and wide armchair so we can rest much more comfortable because our hand will not get tired after sit on it for awhile. Blue handmade leather cover the entire chair seat surface, supported with fancy four chair’s legs.

comfortable chair for livingroom

Small cushion in white color make the chair legs won’t scratch and damaging your house floor. If you interested with this kind of unique chair, you can visit the Doshi Levien website to contact the designer.

comfortable furniture for livingroom