The minimalist shape of this lounge chair is wrapped in modern design. This lounge chair is Marea Lounge, designed by Jules Sturgess. The lounge has several color options, which all of them are best to be use in contemporary or modern room interior.

Colorful and Futuristic Lounge Chairs

Ergonomic Marea Lounge Chair Design by Jules Sturgess

Marea Lounge designed in ergonomic, the lower part of the chair is match with adult human legs length, make it comfortable to be use as our thigh get full support along the chair shape. The lounge is made of separate carbon parts, anchored together at a critical strain point by the central titanium hub. It is looks very thin from side view, as the lounge only four millimeters thick. Even though it looks thin; it is strong enough to hold the user weight as the lounge is made of carbon construction.

Thin and Ergonomic Lounge for Balcony

Elegant Black Color Marea Lounge

There are several color combinations of Marea Lounge. If you prefer a colorful one, you can select the yellow, pink, red, or the green. It so nice to have one of this lounge chair in living room, or placed in the balcony. We can enjoy the view while sitting on the lounge. If you like this design, you can visit Jules Sturgess to get more detailed info about Marea Lounge.

Indoor Lounge Chair in Living Room

Here are more color combinations of Marea Lounge, they are all looks fancy.
Red Green Blue Color Lounge Chair by Jules Sturgess

Red Color with Black Strips Marea Lounge Chairs
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