Wanna have a luxury sofa which has landscape pictures or flags? This sofa design by Teo Jasmin is able to give you that. With digital printing technique, pictures can be attached into the back of the sofa. The sofa back seat is using matte vinyl. Quite a lot differences are acquired rather than having an ordinary sofa. Even if the sofa was being compared are also in luxury design as this one.

decorative sofa furniture

This sofa will not only became a luxury furniture, but more of it, this will be a nice room decor as well. Truly this is a unique way to get your room decorated through the furniture side. Perfect balance between the classical and luxurious design with modern touch. It is cool to have one of this in our house, especially with custom photo of special moment which brings some memory. Your guest may not get to sit right away, but admiring the picture on it for awhile instead. You can visit Teo Jasmin for more info and viewing other designs.

luxury sofa decoration

luxury sofa back seat with photo