This type of indoor lounge chair is perfect to add combination between modern and contemporary design. A beautiful lounge chair sets designed by architect Ricardo Garza Marcos. This collection is called as the Cuatro Chair.
Cuatro chair is made molded plywood pieces. Plywood is a manufactured wood panel made from thin sheets of wood veneer, which known from its flexibility.

cuatro lounge chair for contemporary room

There are 4 of plywood molded into the parts of the chairs. They are the foot rest, the main back and seat, and the armrests which also serve as back providing support. With long duration of the drying process, and finishing veneer; resulting a perfect chair material which ensure comfort ability, elegant looks, and all of it in a contemporary design.

cuatro indoor lounge chair

cuatro contemporary lounge chair

cuatro lounge chair plywood

The chair is suitable to be use as a comfort seat place in your home. Watching television in your family room or reading newspaper can be a great experience with this plywood chair. Or, place it next to your working room, to give you a relax place while enjoying your success in work.
Visit the designer Ricardo Garza Marcos Design for more info about this chair.