Can you imagine of having these sofa sets as your living room’s furniture? It’s cool. The sofa is not designed as ordinary one. When we look at them, the sofas are looks like that they are lopsided to the left, but actually they aren’t. The lopsided effect is created from the back seat which slightly low on the left side. The sofa seat itself is comfortable to be use, just as the common one.

Masculine and Elegant Living Room Furniture

Without the back seat, we may ever seen one on public space, made by wood. The seats on these sofas are wider than the legs position. The sofas legs are slightly skewed, they getting wider on the top part; they create an assumption of a wide space. Just make sure that you clean the sofa often and regularly, because the seat has pleat parts which usually became dusty areas.

Comfortable Living Room Sofa in Pink

Confucius Sofa is an indoor furniture which available with some colors. The colors are: Black, Blue, and Pink. The pink one is very nice to place in modern to contemporary designed living room. While the black sofa is perfect to use if you want a more elegant or masculine looks.

Living Room Furniture with Unusual Armchair

The sofa is called as Confucius Sofa, designed by Alexander Nettesheim for the German manufacturer Bretz. If you are interested with these modern sofa design ideas, you can visit Bretz or contact Alexander Nettesheim at the designer website.

Creative Furniture with Lopsided Back

Comfortable Living Room Sofa in Blue
© Images courtesy Alexander Nettesheim and Bretz