When we were child, we sometimes playing with drafting compass, pretend it as small tower or walking it as they are human / robot legs. And here are, set of creative chairs and table design that inspired by compass shape. The furniture is called as Compas chair, design project of Patrick Norguet with Kristalia.

The Compas chairs are designed to be us as stack-able for indoor and outdoor. All of the materials used are weatherproof. Pressure die-cast aluminum with a weatherproof epoxy lacquer finish is used as the chair legs. These legs are designed in “A” alphabet shape, just as a standing compass. The chair back and seat are made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is a material resistant to fatigue, withstand to cold and heat, as it also commonly being use as flip-top bottles and other stuff.

Minimalist Black Furniture

Unique Compas White Chair by Patrick Norguet

Chair and table as this creative design are best for architect room, mathematician, drafter, and other professions which uses technical drawing tools. We can express the tool we use as our furniture shape. If you interested with compass chairs, you can visit compass.kristalia.it for more pictures, further info or to read another interesting projects.
© Images courtesy Patrick Norguet