flexible home theater furniture

Designing our own home theater is requiring seating furniture that comfortable to use. It is slightly different idea than big movie theater building, because in home theater we can enjoy the movie in more relaxed position. We can take our feet to chair, enjoying snacks, even discussing the movie with someone during the play without someone else annoyed. So is the sofa that we use. We can either use ordinary sofa with hands or even a lounge chair. This sofa design as we can see in the pictures is sofa with flexible design.

flexible sofa for home theater

The flexible sofa that easily can be arrange to any position. Well, this is making us easier to create our room into home theater. While this flexible sofa is not only can be use to sit, instead this one is also can be made as lounge chair. The sofa set is also has small rectangular one to use as storage place, or to place our feet when it this placed in front of our chairs. If you want to have these modular sofas, you can get them at EOOS.

flexible sofa for living room

modular sofa for home theater