We may want to have a personal home theater, so we can watch movies or television show with similar experience as in public’s movie theater. But the problem that usually occurs is our room may not big enough for some sofa / seat as showed in many home design references. Use the sofa which you already have, so you can save some money; although it may not be very nice to look at.

lg tv personal home theater

Actually it is simple to make, and you can do it yourself. The very first step is planning how your small room to be made as home theater. For myself, I want to create it in a same room which I use to work, means that there is my working table (about 1.5 meters wide) in that room.

With a small room, we can reduce the number of the seats and choosing a smaller screen TV. There are lots of TVs with all their advantage, and there are many sizes of them. You can select which TV that suitable for you, but think about your room size first. Bigger screen means we have larger room. For me, I use an LG TV with only small screens, well it is fit for me because I only have a small room. Around 22 up to 32 inches screen wide is enough for small room. Here is an LG Television specification as your reference.

The TV can be placed at small table; or make a custom place for it, for more convenient use. If the room is too small for placing the TV, we also have choice to mount it at the wall. Wall mounting kit as this one can be bought at local store near your house or order it online.

Next, decide the sound system for your personal home theater.

Sound system for your personal home theater

I think the best choice is a 5.1 sound system. Only having a stereo sound may reduce the experience. Having a 7.1 one is too much for a small room, but it is up to you to spend the budgets. If you are low on budget, well, consider to buy better sound system in later time. A nice headphone can be a good choice. Don’t waste to buy a lower level sound system, save your money until you can buy a better one. When you have a good sound system for your home theater, you won’t look at your old one which usually only be stored in a box.