A product that offers the function ability of kitchen and this is also a green garden. This one is a kitchen set from Electrolux Outdoor Kitchen by landscape designer Jamie Durie. A kitchen that is suitable to place in outdoor. Not only having a barbecue party in the backyard, this one offering a full kitchen function instead.


With as much emphasis on shape as function, the outdoor kitchen is an impressive addition to the Electrolux outdoor entertaining portfolio. The best thing about the collection that it is mixes modern furniture and appliances in neutral color palette with the nature around outdoor cooking and entertaining area.


The kitchen is custom designed to suit any space and dimensions – whether your oasis is a sprawling yard or an intimate deck, with a modern touch there is a configuration just for you. Combination of modern shape’s kitchen furniture with wooden floor and tables. The Outdoor Kitchen is both sustainable and timeless, selecting clever eco-friendly materials and having greenery and plant life as an integral part of the design.


The Outdoor Kitchen is a distinctive, custom-design to fit any outdoor space and evolves organically and grows alongside the garden. Its distinctive form offers a unique outdoor cooking and entertaining area that is environmentally friendly and a testament to increasingly sophisticated outdoor areas. The kitchen design makes it a sustainable and durable to use even it is used in outdoor.