Creating an ideal kitchen is the dream of many homeowners. Not only is the kitchen the heart of a household, it’s also a place where guests can be entertained and where some of the most expensive, labor-intensive homemaking takes place. A well-designed kitchen is not only a place for social gathering; it’s the engine that drives the home’s function. That’s why kitchen plans play such a crucial role in achieving the ideal space.

Much of a household’s decorating or remodeling budget can toward the kitchen. First, there’s making sure that the design of the kitchen conforms to the “work triangle,” a process taken from industry intended to minimize effort. Correct placement of the storage facilities such as the refrigerator and cupboards, the food preparation area including sink, and the cooking area will ensure a well-functioning kitchen.

Beyond this functional plan, many homeowners dream of having a kitchen that resembles those seen in magazines and on TV. They want gleaming solid wood cabinets for storage, granite countertops for food preparation and natural stone flooring to walk on. These amenities cost a pretty penny, and many homeowners can find themselves going over their remodeling budget if they aren’t careful. Top-of-the-line may be everyone’s dream, but few of us can afford it. That’s why homeowners need good kitchen designs, so that when it comes time to choose corner cabinets for the kitchen or look for other cupboard storage solutions, they have a number of alternatives in mind that will stick to the budget without sacrificing quality.


However, even after paying attention to the kitchen’s architectural elements, homeowners find themselves dissatisfied with the result. Somehow the kitchen still doesn’t have that coordinated look. Details are the missing elements of the picture.

For example, suppose your new kitchen has lovely stainless steel appliances, but the countertop appliances are white enamel. You’re in luck if the new kitchen’s design provided for storage space for small appliances, because then you can put the mismatched pieces out of sight most of the time. However, if they must sit on the countertop, the kitchen soon will be back to the cluttered appearance that caused you to want to remodel in the first place!

The solution is to pay attention to the smallest of details as well as the big decisions in kitchen plans. Leave some space in the removing budget to replace the toaster, blender, mixer and coffeemaker with newer, more efficient models that match the major appliances. It doesn’t matter what the color is – white, black, stainless steel or something else. If your color scheme has an accent shade, such as turquoise or red, be sure to buy all the appliances at the same time to make sure they’re all the same color. The purpose is to bring everything together in unity, harmony and balance, the three elements of successful interior design.


The final step in coordinating kitchen details is to liven up the space with warmth, comfort and color. One of the best ways to do this is with quality area rugs. Don’t settle for simple monochromatic throw rugs, either. Find rugs that coordinate perfectly with your decorating scheme, whether it’s colorful braid rugs for a Cottage Country kitchen or a ripe floral-and-fruit version for a Country French or Tuscan theme.

Put these rugs in front of the stove and the sink where the cook stands for the most time. The result will be a warm, inviting, pulled-together kitchen that everyone will enjoy.

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