Creating an Oriental Themed Room - Japanese house

Have you thought about redecorating a room with a simplistic clean theme but couldn’t decide which look was right for you? Some themes involve patterns that are too busy and the colors are too bright. Perhaps you’ve already decided on a theme, only to realize that it costs so much more than you anticipated.

If you are undecided about which direction to take, you could perhaps consider an oriental themed room. An oriental theme is very simplistic; combining minimalist design elements with natural woods, such as bamboo. For starters, decide what room you are looking to makeover. For the purpose of this discussion, we will design a living room.

Creating an Oriental Themed Room - Japanese style bedroom

To begin, you should realize that in Asia, living quarters are traditionally much smaller than they are elsewhere. Therefore, much of the design is very basic and sometimes multi-functional. Furniture is generally quite basic with clean lines and not much ornamentation. When you choose furniture, think of its purpose; if it’s purely for decoration, you probably don’t need it.

For your wall colors, choose a pale color that you find soothing. Get a sample from the store, if available and paint a large swatch on the wall to decide if you want to be surrounded by that color for years to come. Paint may seem unimportant at first but for your room to become a complete retreat, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Creating an Oriental Themed Room - japanese paper lantern

Next, one of the main objects in your room should be a beautiful area rug. Choose a large floral rug, or any other design that captivates your attention. Find a rug that you absolutely fall in love with. Bamboo area rugs are very popular in most Asian homes and are the ideal choice. Additionally, the maintenance on a bamboo rug is very simple. Bamboo is used extensively for construction purposes. Instead of wood flooring, bamboo is used along with coconut timber for the main structure.

Be sure to combine your colors appropriately. Do an internet search on color combinations and research how different combinations create different effects. For example violets and greens are great colors to use together because they are complimentary colors on the color wheel. Acquiring this very basic knowledge is fast and easy and has infinite uses when redecorating.

When deciding what wall art to use, try looking at second hand stores first. Sometimes the artwork found there is good but the frames may be a bit frayed or just mismatched. You’ll be surprised how the right frame makes a picture look like you bought it at a very expensive store. It should be easy to find oriental artwork at second stores and then get it reframed at nominal cost. Again, get an idea of what you are looking for and try several different areas before purchasing any artwork. It must be something that you are truly enamored with.

Once your room is repainted, the area rugs are laid and the furniture is moved in, top the room off with a couple very simplistic decorations. A jade plant in a large ceramic planter can be placed in a corner. Add a beautiful bamboo plant or a lovely orchid atop a small table and your room will be an enjoyable place for you and your guests.

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