artistic table fountain design

This is an artistic way to show some nature element in your garden. Well, garden is already a nature side of your house, but this will emphasize its effects. What is I am taking about right now? What kind of things that worth to put in your garden as decoration? This is a table design that has artificial small fountain below it. The fountain is made of three russet-colored cylinders that create a natural water fall. The table top is small circular made of glass. Very natural and calm! But if you prefer futuristic one, you may consider to add futuristic planters for your fountain in pool.

table fountain for garden decoration

This table is called as Avalon Zen Outdoor Fountain by Grandin Road. Truly is a piece of artistic furniture as also outdoor decoration. Hand painted with stone like finishing, from durable resin material. With hidden water reservoir, you can get a nice adornment and most beautiful is the relaxing of cascading water sound.