Anywhere gardening is very easy to do and this one is an example of creative idea to recycle your books in to a planters. Italian company, Gartenkultur, managed to do that and come up with a very nice idea of making planters from recycled books. If you have books that is not you are using again and you want to get rid of them from your room, you may consider making the books in to a pots as your flower / contemporary planters media.


Decorative planters such this one can be made from hardback books or even from stacks of slim books you have. In order to protect books from getting wet, and make them durable, they are covered with isolation material.


The books have a hole drilled inside them with a mesh net at the bottom and some dirt on it. Any small plants, flowers, and even a cute bonsai trees will suitable to plants in this planter’s media in your indoor gardening or your study room. Plus, this pot small and portable, you can carry your plants anywhere you want.