A minimalist planter usually became a perfect option to display our plants and flowers so it stand up and looks attractive wherever you place it. The planter’s models are various; you can choose which one of them that looks nice. Here is a planter models which inspired by willow tree trunks, designed by Louise Hederstrom for Nola.

unique planter design inspiration

The planter has two branches like side which can be use to grow you plants on them, and an opening top. The opening top is a circular shape, can be closed with a wooden disc which made of oiled oak. By using a portable planter design such as this one, you can have a natural decoration in your home. You can hang them in the balcony or garden; or place them on the table with artificial plant (if you prefer it).

If you are interested with this planter, you can visit louisehederstrom, for more info or to browse other awesome designs.

willow tree planter design with multi opening

minimalist unique planter inspired by willow tree trunk