umbrella like lamp for outdoor

An umbrella which is well placed in your garden and patio during the day is a wonderful addition. But when the sun goes down, your precious garden will need source light. And here the part when this umbrella likes lighting came to be your patio best decoration.

umbrella lamp design

This lamp is designed so cleverly and mimics the shape of umbrella, or maybe a big mushroom shape. With pairs of this lamp or maybe more which line up along your patio and outdoor garden area, they will transform your house into a dramatic living space. Well, for myself, I wonder how calm it be when staying in those lampshade.

patio lamp with illuminated lighting

Those lampshades are illuminating a decent area around the lamp; with the center of the lamp give more focusing area. If you prefer to make this umbrella lamp in more colorful design, luckily there are more color options of this lamp. So, if you interested with this patio lamp, you can visit Vibia right now to get the price info.

illuminated lamp for garden