Ceramic and wood are being use as major material to made this decorative planters. This portable pot is one of the design from Tend in collabration with Jason Lane of Bells & Whistles. If you like futuristic planter design, you have to wait for awhile if you want to purchase it. Because this planter is still in concept but looks like they will be ready to mass production. This planter is nice to place at indoor garden or you can place some of these in your room corner / center to get green environment to that room.


With lovely flower or your favorite plant, you can add calm view for your room or to make contemporary garden design. From the planter design, we can see a unique shape that futuristic and looks like alien style. You may remember the alien tripod from the movie war of the world, don’t you?


Ceramic and Wooden Futuristic Planters




futuristic planter transparent design


futuristic planter design


futuristic ceramic pots