cozy garden house sphere design 3

For those who have garden in the back yard or next to your house, this kind of garden house is lovely and give you comfortable experience. During you spend your time while enjoy the calm garden, you can relax even more with this sphere shape garden house. This cottage design can protect you from wind and in the same time you can keep lot of sun light to keep you warm and cozy. The splashing water of the rain can also be protected with the circular roof of this.

cozy garden house sphere design 2

The creative sphere garden house is one of the product that being offered at John Lewis. There are 3 models of it, they are Rotating sphere Lounger, Rotating Sphere Seater, and Deluxe Summer House Sphere. If you interested with these cottage design, you can visit John Lewis for purchasing.

cozy garden house sphere design 1

In the inside of this sphere garden house we can have sets of chair and small table. Even sofa with TV and cupboard can be place in it. Just look like we have a living room at private garden. That is so cozy! Living room with the view of all landscaping nature.