Not enough space is a problem faced by small apartment houses. The number of room functions that must be minimized in just a small space requires appropriate furniture. The corners of the room for example, are a place that is often underestimated. As I myself usually just put an end table to place my things that I often used.

Compact furniture design and its placement offered by the Matroshka opens a lot of examples the possibility of an innovative room space. Room design like this provides a small room that serves many and maximum efficiency, but still comfortably to dwell. Not an apartments room or boarding houses that look like a warehouse, filled with furniture that is not well maintained or cleaned up regularly.

This Matroshka design enough for a room with 4 m2 wide, with major functions including bookself, one double bed, and a sofa with 12 seats. This sofa can be arranged as a corner sofa or single sofa suitable for coffee table. There are still available places for some medium storage such as wardrobe, small shelves. Do not forget there is a small corner that can be used for work / study. It’s really room design that suitable for a student room or anyone that only has a single room to stay. In one moment you can do your work confortably, but you can also quickly relax and even received a visit from your colleagues and family.