Fireplaces are not only functioning for room heater nowadays, but also already piece of decoration that will emphasize the room interior ambient. Here are some of the finest designs of modern fireplace with its unique and unusual. Well, they are not quite unusual one we have it in our home, it is more like the ideas that may not every people realize they can be use as fireplaces. For example, one of these modern fireplaces design is a sculpted lotus flower looks like which can be floating in water while it provide us with the dancing flame on it. It is really beautiful and amazing as an unusual fireplace in the pond of a garden.


These modern fireplace are designed by Elena Colombo. The fireplaces are available to purchase. There are lots of possibilities on how we install this modern fireplace. Here are some pictures of the fireplace design. We can see the beauty of unique fireplace which all of them are suitable for modern home interior. They are nice to install both for indoor and outdoor.


There is a The Fire Bridge, a modern fireplace design that is a cool curve of corten steel, measuring 30 feet tall and 75 feet long. Curve shape with fire along with it, the best design for outdoor one.


For the outdoor fireplace, there is also available another one that very unusual, the one with 6 feet diameter bird nest like. Awesome!