Mirko Varischi, Tania Alessio and Andrea Bremer designing fireplace that is not in ordinary material. Called as MaisonFIRE. This is a fireplace in trash can container. This one is specially designed so it will sustain the fire and will not melting due the heat. By using bio fuel, trash can fireplace is economic and eco friendly.

The MaisonFIRE bio fireplaces not replace the traditional chimney function, because it is able to adequately heat small room and also an excellent complement to heat the home and a good idea for decorating.

trash can contemporary fireplace

innovative trash can fireplace

While not only offering the heater purpose but more of it, to get innovative fireplace design; this one could be the most wanted mobile fireplace. Yes it is portable, and you can easily move them around your home.

trash can fireplace using bio fuel