It is very nice to have a small and portable fireplace as this one. We can put the fancy of it light and warm source in to any room as we need it. This is Tekto, a bioalcohol fueled fireplace, designed by Safretti in collaboration with Porshe Design Studio. The modern design of it makes the fireplace is unnoticeable when it is unlit. It just like a small metallic block, which some people who doesn’t know about it may think that it is a room decoration.

Black Steel Block Fireplaces

The fireplace is designed in a small block in size of 50 cm width and depth, 10 cm for its height. It made of powdercoated steel and brushed stainless steel. The flame can be lit by simply press on the outside of the plate. It will make the plate opens up in the center, and the flame will be lit from it. The burning time is around 6-8 hours from 2 liter of fuel capacity.

Unlited Fireplace as Room Decor

Tekto fireplace is suitable for every modern room. But still, just for making it safer, make clear distance of any flammable liquid or material from the fireplace. If you like these fireplaces, you can visit Safretti for further info and pricing.

Small Fireplace for Living Room Table
© Images courtesy of Safretti