portable glass modern fireplace by brasa fire

When you already have a nice fireplace mounted in your living room wall, actually it is enough to get a warm air on it. But how to get the fireplace moved to another room? It will difficult you’re your permanent one. Here is the answer, a nice looking fireplace that is portable and small so it will easily moved to another location, both in indoors or outdoors. Modern design in its curve edge and mini size made this fireplace simple to use and has flexible placement.

portable ceramic fireplace by brasa fire

There are some models of this, ready to choose as you like. If you want to know what is the material which is being use for fireplace? These are made of stainless steel and high temperature white and black ceramic. Is the fireplace will give us pollution in our rooms? I think it won’t. All these fireplaces and fire lamps use bio-ethanol fuel that will burn clean and environment friendly.

portable mini fireplace in modern design

Brasa Fire is the place where you can get the fireplace products. Here are some more pictures of the portable fireplace in modern design. Well I starting to image to have some of these, it will not only get me warm but personally I like the romantic effects as it will be nice as home decoration too.

portable bio fuel fireplace in modern design

small fireplace in modern design by brasa fire